3 major impacts of gambling addiction

More and more people are now getting addicted to gambling. It’s having negative consequences on the lives of people and on the society. Here are the major impacts of gambling addiction.

Impact on the individual

When the person realizes that he has lost so much money, he or she gets into depression.This often leads to suicidal attempts. Gambling addiction can affect their studies and social activities. They will also have behavioral problems. They start losing friends.

Impact on family

Gambling addiction can hurt families. Their property and savings may be lost. So they get into financial crisis. They go through emotional difficulties as well. The family members don’t feel like getting close to the person who has caused all this trouble. So, the addicted person doesn’t get love and support. Members of the family suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression.

Impact on society

Gambling is no longer limited to state lotteries or land-based casinos. You can now gamble online from your home. More people are becoming bankrupt due to gambling addiction, creating a problem for the society. The young generation tends to follow the adults and get involved in gambling.

When people get into gambling, the problems are not evident right away. It takes about 5 to 7 years to realize that they have an addiction towards it. If you know someone close to you has gambling addiction then you should help the person get out of it. You should give love and affection so that they feel confident to overcome their addiction.

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