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We are a non-profit organization. We are here to create awareness about the harmful effects of gambling on the young generation. Our target audiences are parents and teachers to that they can spread the words in grass levels. We want to educate them so that they become responsible and help the young people to stay away from the addiction of gambling.

What we do

  • We organize seminars and workshops in different communities to help educate the teachers and parents about gambling.
  • We visit schools and talk about the harmful effects of gambling.
  • We arrange awareness campaigns so that people become aware of this big problem.
  • We conduct research to find out the percentage of youth affected due to gambling and what measures can be taken to prevent and cure this addiction.

All these tasks require lots of hard work and money. We are grateful to our donors who have been very generous to help us in our noble cause. You can also donate us to help us run this organization successfully. We accept payments through PayPal or any credit card. You can work as a volunteer as well and help us in organizing various workshops and campaigns.

Thank you for visiting us. Together we can guide our young generation to the right path and save them from the addiction of gambling.